CAD Mentor

GateMentor in association with DesignTech CAD Academy has recently started CAD and CAE training center for mechanical engineers in order to empower students in the field of Mechanical Product Design and Analysis. The intention behind starting this venture is to provide students with an alternative career choice.


Unigraphics NX, owned by Siemens PLM Software, is an integrated and advanced CAD solution. NX is used for parametric design, direct solid and surface modeling. NX is the most in demand CAD solution in the world and is used by all the big Automotive and Aerospace industries.

NX Course Structure:

  • Digital Design - 2D

  • Digital Design - 3D

  • Synchronous Technology

  • Rapid Design (Surfacing)

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Straight Break sheet metal Design

  • Assembly Planning (WAVE) 

  • Generating mfg. Drawings

  • Fundamentals of data management 

  • Future Trends in DM (Digital Manufacturing), PLM & RPT 

Instructor based Training: 30 hrs.

Tutorial based practical 
and final project: 30 hrs.

Companies that use NX :

All the major Automobile and Aerospace companies use NX as their CAD software. Following are some of those companies


Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor to prepare even the largest models, starting from import of CAD geometry to exporting an analysis run for various disciplines. Hypermesh is the choice of tool for many big Automobile and Aerospace industries.

Hypermesh Course Structure:

  • HyperMesh Introduction

  • Import & export files

  • Geometry Clean-up & solid creation

  • Midsurface Creation

  • Shell Meshing and 1D Meshing

  • 3D Meshing

  • Quality checking and mesh editing

  • Methods of Analysis and Introduction to FEM 

  • Defining Materials & properties

  • Analysis setup for Linear Static analysis

  • Analysis setup for Thermal Linear Static analysis

  • Dynamic and Assembly Analysis

  • Post processing (basic and Advanced)

  • Analysis output in different formats

Instructor based Training: 
30 hrs.

Tutorial based practical: 
30 hrs.

Companies that use Hypermesh

Be it Aerospace, Automobile or Electronics; Hypermesh is used in all the fields. Every major company in around the world use Hypermesh for the CAE.


  • The unique thing about our center is that our trainers have experience working in R&D centers and industries. No other CAD training institute in Chhattisgarh has trainers which have any industrial experience.

  • We are the only CAD/CAE center in Chhattisgarh to provide courses which are being used in Automobile or Aerospace industries today. We don’t teach old and obsolete software to our students.

  • We help our students in their final year projects also. Even after completing the course, if a student needs help in their project work in future, we do it without any extra fees.

  • We provide placement assistance to all our students.

  • We only provide training in licensed software.